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Surgery Clinic – Mole/Skin Tag/Lipoma Removal

The Minor surgery service provided at Belgaum Medical Centre is led by a highly experienced leading consultant plastic surgeons who are currently working in the NHS. We offer treatment for below said clinical conditions (but not limited to). All treatments are tailored according to your specific clinical conditions, individual needs and circumstances.

  • Benign Lump or Lipoma Removal .
  • Cyst Removal.
  • Mole Removal.
  • Skin Tag Removal.
  • Treatment of ingrowing toenails.
  • General Surgical Consultations (£250).
  • Gastroenterology consultations (250).


We do remove the lesions from all over the body such as face, lips, eyelids, Please note: you will be seen by highly qualified and experienced Consultant plastic surgeon (not asthetic doctor or therapist) who will be using high skills and at most care taken to minimise the scar.

We remove the whole mole by excising from the root or base (not shave excision) under local anaesthesia.

below said fess included stitches costs.

You only pay what is mentioned here for procedure fees.

No additional costs for procedures.

Type of lesion/procedure Number of lesions Location on the body Price
Skin Tag  1 Anywhere on the body  £199
Skin Tag 2 or more Anywhere on the body Call for Quote
Mole 1 Anywhere on the body  £299
Mole 2 Anywhere on the body  £550
Mole 3 Anywhere on the body  £800
Mole 4 Anywhere on the body  £950
Mole 5 or more Anywhere on the body Call for Quote
Cyst 1 (additional £149) Anywhere on the body  £299
Lipoma 1 Examination required £400 to  £800
Ingrowing Toenail Call for Quote
Histopathology From    £150



The consultation fee is included within the procedure fees only if you are having procedure on the same day otherwise the consultation fee is £150.

A payment of £20 required at the time of booking, and remaining payment can be made in the clinic at the time of appointment.

For any reason if you decide not to have procedure done after the consultation we charge £150.

During the consultation, after thorough examination of the lesion your plastic surgeon may send the whole excised lesion/mole to laboratory for further assessment. Your plastic surgeon will discuss with you in detail about the benefits of histopathology, and we do not have laboratory to test them hence we send them to private lab, you will have to pay their fees separately based on the numbers and size of the mole which starts from £150, results will be available within 48 – 72 hours.

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